Review of the Captain Cash Online Slot

Review of the Captain Cash Online Slot

Captain Cash by Betsoft is available if you’re looking for easy online slot machines that you may play on any budget, regardless of your level of skill. Captain Cash, one of BetSoft’s earliest and simplest 3D slot games, stands in stark contrast to the company’s other titles. With three reels, five active paylines, and no additional features, Captain Cash provides a true vintage gaming experience that can pay up to 5,000 coins every round.

Devoid of the cinematic extras, double-up features, and progressive jackpots that can be found in many other BetSoft slots, Captain Cash delivers an unusual level of simplicity. However, only devices that support Flash will be able to take use of this simplicity. Find out more about the game’s compatibility, payouts, and betting restrictions in our complete review before trying it for yourself at one of our recommended online slots sites.

How to Play the Online Slot Game Captain Cash

Designed to resemble an antique mechanical slot machine, Captain Cash’s interface is loaded with huge, clearly labeled buttons that make gameplay a breeze. You begin the game by picking the coin size. Then, you must use the “bet one” button to pick your paylines and the “spin” button to start play. The minimum stake each spin is 0.01 credits and the highest is 5 credits.

Unique about the slot machine is not only its simplicity, but also the fact that you may pick the number of active paylines. Each activated payline will be prominently highlighted above the reels, enabling you to quickly follow your earnings. The paytable, which is always shown at the top of the screen, also displays the symbols that pay. There are eight symbols you may gather to earn money, and their respective payouts are shown as multipliers for the coin size you’ve chosen. The lowest-paying sequence awards just three coins, while the highest-paying symbol combination awards one thousand coins.

Unfortunately, Captain Cash is not one of the numerous older Betsoft games that have been upgraded with a mobile-friendly To Go version. As a Flash-based game, this slot will only be accessible to gamers on desktop computers and laptops, but not to those who like to play on Android or iOS devices.

Features & Free Spins on the Captain Cash Slot Machine

Captain Cash features gameplay reminiscent to the classic fruit machines that were formerly available in hundreds of land-based casinos. Simply line up three identical symbols on one or more of the available paylines to win. Since the slot machine pays only for matching sequences on active paylines, if you want to increase your chances of winning money, you must play with all five paylines active.

The highest-paying basic symbols are the map, pirate flag, and treasure chest icons, which may pay up to 25, 50, and 100 coins each sequence, respectively. These symbols may also be aligned on a payline in any possible sequence to earn 3 coins as a consolation reward. However, while playing for real money, none of the symbols will be as lucrative as the extra wild symbols.

The extra wild symbol resembles an illustration of a pirate’s head and may be utilized to activate several rewards. This symbol, like other wilds, may substitute for any other symbol to make a winning combination. In addition to replacing for other symbols, the wild may also provide additional advantages. Collect three of the symbols on a payline when playing with one to four active lines to win 750 coins as a bonus. However, if you activate all five paylines, the identical combination will yield a bonus of 1,000 coins. Multiplying this reward by the number of available paylines yields a per-round jackpot of 5,000 coins.

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